Becky Brown: The amazing artist who restored my faith in people (PLEASE SHARE!)



Last year my brother, David, was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour. The tumour was aggressive and fast growing. After surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy things were looking up. He received a clear scan, but we were told it would be coming back.

Alas, this week we were informed that it has indeed come back, and they currently believe there’s no way of stopping or getting rid of it, only slowing it with chemotherapy. This news came to us two days before his 25th birthday. As a family, we are devastated, but we’re finding ways to stay strong. On his birthday we all visited him in a flat that Clic Sargent (a cancer charity in the UK) had given him for the week, overlooking a beautiful harbour.

Upon our arrival, David showed us all the cards he had received for his birthday. One of which had a little giraffe on the front, painted by Becky Brown. He told us it was his favourite, he adored the design.


(you can buy the card here)

Now I am a bad, preoccupied, and slightly poor sister as I had yet to get him a gift. I decided to email the artist, Becky Brown, and ask if this could be made available as a print (they go for about £50 online) so I could purchase it as a late birthday gift. I told her about David, his situation, and how much it would make his day. I didn’t wish to guilt trip her at all, I just felt it was important for her to know how her card had made him smile even in his situation.

Her response was overwhelming. She shared a personal story of her own and stated that she had some designs that I could choose from, and said she would be more than happy to send to me. Unpublished, original pieces. I picked a beautiful one (they were all beautiful), similar to the design above. I offered her payment and she told me that it wasn’t necessary, that I should spend my money on a frame if anything, and wished my family the best. She reminded me to make the best of the time we have, make new memories, learn to laugh, and stay positive as a family.

She didn’t need to reply, she didn’t need to send us the design, she didn’t need to tell me her story, or give words of encouragement. But she did. She went out of her way to do something for someone she has never met. She is a phenomenal woman and an amazing artist, and if you could check out her work on her website or her online store, then do so. The cards are beautiful and definitely affordable, and while the prints may be more expensive, they are totally worth it.

Her other designs include this little fella, too (and more)!


Becky Brown, thank you for showing me that even in the worst of times, there are still good people who come through.


Thank you, Becky. He loved it.

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